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The Entropiad(ThE): A forward thinking Society


Headquarters Located at Harbor North #4 lvl 1

Leave a message in Chat or contact in game:

Jack Hipster Kimble

Blueprint Reserve

Borrow our BP's for FREE

The log is my Resume and my Professional Reputation.  
Over four years old, as long as the forum lasts, I can base my word on it.

Use our Storefront to sell your loot for free, and join together for more sales.

BPReserve Details:
CRAFTERS-Use our BP's with NO FEES! Free Public Blueprint Library
Better QR means Better Results! Use our QR and help increase it as a group
There are over 1700 BP's, are you going to collect and QR them all? Sounds expensive!
100% FREE, deposit is returned IN FULL when BP is returned.  Tips are WELCOME
Depo, click, and return, no offplanet or logging if it can be helped please.

WTC Want to Craft! Log at link above.
I can craft your materials into your product.
The Product is 100% yours, the Skills are mine and any BP drops are the Reserve's.
Referances, I have a proven track record as honest and dependable, check for yourself.
Many bp's, as the founder and proprietor of the Blueprint Reserve
I have over 500 BP's listed for you
Will post statistics from the crafting machine when possible,

as well as pictures of trades upon request.

 FULL FAP Service

Will heal, provide ammo, repair and TT goods in the field, eliminating the annoying resupply run to a terminal!  Will work for decay, or a reasonable % of loot.

Uncommon Services: 

Tier Upgrading

Many materials in stock to upgrade your item.  Trade me the item, I will find material cost and availability, quote you a cost, and then you decide if you want it back or you want to pay for upgrading.  Quick, simple, conveinient.

Import Export

Secure Cheap Smuggling: - safely move your goods off planet!
Will get your goods past any pirates and deliver them on FOMA for no cost, only travel expenses.
References and Established Reputation, just Check and see.
Insurance provided at a low cost to insure 100% of your package.


Mothership Captain Seeks Ship!


University Of Arkadia


The University of Arkadia
A college of higher education to prepare you for Game Success.
There is alot to this game, and now there is a place to learn it!
Register now for Crafting 101 class
Accepting applications for teachers


Arkadian Chamber Of Commerce

Listing Of Shops and Traders on Arkadia

(Private Group)

Click this link to view useful but outdated info about The Reserve.
Sorry, Ark Forums decided to change format and destroyed my tables.  
Google docs is where they can no longer screw us up!